The LOT Downtown

BrandEra was referred to the Historic Mansfield non-profit organization in early 2015. The Historic Mansfield team had been hard at work securing a location and the funding for the first outdoor amphitheater in Mansfield’s 100+ year history. This non-profit needed BrandEra’s assistance in naming, branding and launching the fundraising efforts for the pavilion.

BrandEra’s process for naming any product is intensive, and typically begins where every successful project should… with research. BrandEra then compiles options based around themes found in the research. Initial options were presented to the client to gain insight into preferences. BrandEra then worked with the client through multiple rounds of options until the perfect name was formulated.

The Live Outdoor Theater Downtown, or The LOT Downtown, was selected for several reasons. The first being that the client preferred short crisp names, especially acronyms. In addition, the City of Mansfield gave Historic Mansfield a vacant lot in downtown for the amphitheater. The name is succinct and captures the rustic and homegrown feeling that the client coveted for this venue.

BrandEra strives to develop logos that are timeless and tell a story. When creating The LOT Downtown’s mark, BrandEra selected a warm color palette consisting of inviting tones. These drew upon the colors of the building materials of the amphitheater. The spotlight graphic was formulated based on the architecture, as well as Historic Mansfield’s desire to be a beacon for talent in the North Texas music scene.

Finally, the groundbreaking ceremony required extensive special event planning from the BrandEra team. The feel of the event focused on rustic industrial elements which mirrored the look of the new logo. In addition, the client desired to incorporate as many Historic Downtown Mansfield stakeholders as possible. The final product was a tented event, with local vendors providing all refreshments and several City of Mansfield officials in attendance.

The client has raved about the scope of work BrandEra developed and executed.