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Let BrandEra help you discover and create your unique brand. From logos and taglines, to messaging and creative, we’ve got a knack for developing unforgettable brands.

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Strategy is the name of the game when it comes to media buying. Let us help you find your wasted dollars and get the most bang for your advertising buck.

The lowdown on BrandEra is pretty simple: we are problem solvers. We’re at our best when asked to devise a strategy or create a campaign that is going to overcome a challenge and deliver on ambitious goals.

The Buzz

Melinda Garvey

Branding is the glue that holds it all together—for years I have heard my clients say they only want direct response and don’t want to spend money on branding. After working with BrandEra, reviewing our company of 13 years top to toe, the simple fact was that although we had a lot of loyalty for our brand, we weren’t attracting new followers or raving fans because our outward, public facing brand was unclear and sending mixed messages.

The plan that BrandEra put together for us was a very deep dive, yet simple, straightforward and highly executable—which we did and began to see immediate results. The greatest transformation, however, was internal—suddenly the staff was excited about the brand, proud of the logo, inspired by our tagline. To the outside world, all at once we had a uniform look and feel—and the staff was messaging in the same way. Across all platforms—print, newsletter, social media and web, our followers started to rise and engage—and now, just a few months later, we are seeing revenues rise as well. It is not a quick fix, but rather the solid foundation upon which all else is built. The team at BrandEra are experts in architecting the foundation on which the future of your company will be built.

Melinda GarveyCo Founder + PublisherAustin Woman Magazine
Kaye Rogers, PhD

BrandEra has brought a unique perspective to marketing a digital product. Through innovative artwork and a comprehensive media buy, we’ve seen real results. Perhaps the biggest impact has been seeing our public relations pieces getting local, state and national placements. What a difference these placements have made in general awareness of the unique product that we offer through Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. I’m pleased to extend our contract and continue seeing the results of BrandEra’s hard work.

Kaye Rogers, PhDDirector of Virtual Education, iUniversity Prep Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Amy Sprinkles

We’ve worked with BrandEra on multiple campaigns and projects and found the team to integrate smoothly with ours. They are creative, flexible, cost effective, energetic, detail oriented, positive and professional.

Amy SprinklesCommunications & Marketing DirectorCity of Grand Prairie