Benefits of a Boutique Agency

December 7, 2022 | By beraadmin | Filed in: blog.

Finding an agency that fits all your needs can be difficult. Agencies come in all different shapes and sizes, and each agency has its own strengths and advantages. When you know what type of marketing your business wants, it’s important to work with an agency that will provide a customized approach. It’s also important to listen to your agency when they advise you to consider other marketing options that are more cost efficient and/or effective. That’s why working with a boutique agency, like BrandEra, one that wants to be a valued team member, may offer more benefits when it comes to your time and money. Keep reading to learn if BrandEra is the best fit for marketing your brand.

What is a boutique agency you might ask? By definition, it’s a small (under 30 employees) public relations, marketing and/or advertising firm that offers more customized and personal service. Here at BrandEra, we are a boutique agency, which means we take the time to “learn” your business, we work in partnership with our clients, and we go “all in” on ideation, creativity and execution. Being a smaller agency, there is more time spent connecting and understanding exactly what our clients are looking for, so we can consistently deliver results every time.

“Small agencies do not adopt a factory-based mentality, and since they are small, they can hone in on the exact clients they wish to work with and provide the much-needed detail for each project.”
– Andrew Rudister, Lead Technology Coordinator, MAXBURST

On top of that, working with a boutique agency often means a faster turnaround and more opportunities for in-person meetings, if necessary. We understand we must be more efficient with your time and money. Do not let the size of our agency fool you! With more time to be personal and customize your business experience, BrandEra can be a ‘lean mean fighting machine!’

Work Culture

The concept of work culture can cover many areas, but at its core, it conveys how a staff feels and interacts with each other day-to-day. At a larger agency, it is more likely that the work environment is fast-paced and deadline-driven. This causes stress and work overload – which ultimately results in poor work performance. Because there is more of a team mentality at BrandEra, collaborative communication provides higher quality work. Sure, we work fast and are deadline-driven, but we strive to build a more rewarding environment with everyone working closely together to provide exemplary results!

Value Pricing

Despite the resources a large agency may have, boutique agencies value every client and will do what’s needed to ensure their clients are satisfied. BrandEra focuses on providing excellent work and creating a bond that’s built on trust and loyalty. There are fewer layers of supervision and red tape, which means more gets done, and our clients get more bang for their buck.

In summary, if you’re looking for an agency that is mindful of your budget, time and goals, BrandEra is the agency for you. We pride ourselves on the relationships we share with our clients. Moreover, we prove time and time again why we are the smarter choice and it shows in the work we deliver with our “go get em’” attitude!