Shop Pantego: Social Media Strategy

October 11, 2021 | By beraadmin | Filed in: blog.

For the Town of Pantego, BrandEra created an economic development initiative that was both enticing to potential business owners and to customers. Our team created and branded Shop Pantego via a photo shoot, corporate identity suite, website, brochures and Facebook and Instagram campaigns. We formulated a long-term strategy and activated a COVID initiative during the pandemic to support local businesses.

Our team established the Shop Pantego social media presence after a series of onboarding meetings to ensure shared vision between the agency and the client’s stakeholders. Our social media plan was packed with a wide variety of digital tactics to highlight engaging content. In addition to postwriting, BrandEra provided on-site consulting for monthly content creation. Creating the accounts in September of 2019, now Facebook has more than 1400 likes and Instagram more than 315 followers. Importantly, each business in the Town is represented on social media.

Using a modest monthly ad budget, BrandEra’s social advertising strategy received more than 914 link clicks with a CTR of 2.13%.

Today, BrandEra’s strategy includes content that is engaging (such as “did you know?” or other trivia posts) and informative, such as new businesses that are opening or holiday sales. Results from February 2021 include:

  • Monthly Facebook reach at over 38,000
  • Monthly Instagram reach steadily increasing to more than 1,200 people
  • Month-to-month growth on both vehicles