Special Event Planning with Sizzle

May 6, 2024 | By beraadmin | Filed in: blog.

In the world of event planning, what truly sets a special event apart? Hiring the right planner of course. At BrandEra, we are at the forefront of creating memorable experiences for media events, grand openings, brand activations and corporate celebrations. Using our proprietary and detailed approach, we make every occasion shine.

As an example, BrandEra recently handled Cafe Americana’s VIP pre-opening event and Grand Opening in Arlington, Texas.

  1. Strategic Guest List Curation: A fundamental step to creating a special event is curating the guest list. For Cafe Americana, this meant inviting a mix of foodies, influential members of the community and networkers. Each invitation was carefully considered, ensuring that recipients felt valued and important to be invited to the occasion.
  2. Customized Invitations: The digital invitation itself is the first glimpse into the guest experience. At Cafe Americana, the invitations were more than who, what, when and where – they were a preview of the ambiance, cuisine and excitement of the event.
  3. Memorable Experiences: Special events are all about the guest experience. At Cafe Americana’s opening, guests were treated to an array of entertainment. With live Latin music, salsa dancers and custom cigar rolling, every moment was created to leave a lasting impression with guests.
  4. Social Media Buzz: In today’s digital age, the power of social media should not be underestimated. For Cafe Americana, we leveraged Instagram and Facebook to generate buzz and excitement around its opening. Encouraging guests to share their experiences online not only increased the event’s reach but also created a sense of community and spiked engagement.
  5. Media Engagement: A well-crafted press release and targeted media pitches are also essential for garnering attention from local media outlets. By proactively reaching out to journalists, bloggers and food writers, BrandEra generated story coverage and multiple placements, further solidifying Cafe Americana’s place in the community.

In essence, what sets special events apart is the attention to detail, the creation of meaningful experiences and the ability to engage guests at every turn. Whether it’s a grand opening, customer appreciation event, a brand activation or a milestone celebration, the key lies in designing moments that are memorable. Tap BrandEra for your next special event.