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The Importance of Showing Gratitude
Did you know that showing gratitude and giving thanks impacts your health and overall well-being? In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. It helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity and build stronger relationships.

During this holiday season, we have lots to be thankful for here at BrandEra. As we near the end of the year, we acknowledge how much we appreciate the relationships built with our clients and the growth we’ve experienced in 2022.

We Are Thankful For Our Clients
At BrandEra, we are constantly striving to build trust and strong relationships with our clients in order to nurture a valuable partnership. Without our wonderful clients, we wouldn’t be where we are now, and for that we are so grateful! We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn and evolve as an agency while working with a client list that ranges from banks and law firms to school districts, non-profit organizations and municipalities. Each client requires us to better ourselves and broaden our scope of best practices to market in this ever-changing world. Thank you, clients! We are so very thankful for you and the fact that many of you we call friends!

Personal Gratitude
In addition to our clients, we are grateful for our own team and the role we each have! Each department works extremely hard, and we’re all team players when it comes to an “all-hands-on-deck” project. BrandEra’s culture stays positive and light-hearted, making it easy to come to work every morning and get our work done! Keep reading to find out what each team member is thankful for – personally and professionally – and what they are proud of when looking back at this year.

Beth Owens – Co-owner and Marketing Strategist
“I am proud of the work we did walking alongside clients in a very dynamic business environment. We evaluated, revised, pivoted, brainstormed and retooled tactics to meet the needs of clients. What is crystal clear to me is that I am blessed to love what I do and work with talented colleagues and passionate clients.”

“Personally, I am thankful for family. Each day is precious. I call my 91-year-old dad on my way to work every day. Those commute-to-work conversations show his funny side and remind me no matter how old I am or how old he is, he still enjoys hearing what I’m up to and constantly cheers me on. It is also a joy to see my son and daughter-in-law excel in their careers and make their house a home.”

Reecanne Joeckel – Co-owner and Creative Director
“Personally, I am ‘over the moon’ thankful for Dave, my husband of almost 40 years and our growing family. I treasure the time we all share together. What began as just a couple of kids who met at Arlington High, is now a boisterous and happy family of 17 with number 18 arriving in March!”

“Professionally, I am thankful for having a great business partner in Beth and our shared determination to bounce back from the pandemic and reach new goals. Additionally, in 2022, I’m thankful for the team of professionals we’ve put together who have a passion for BrandEra and its clients and do their jobs really well!”

Caren Lane – Senior Art Director
“I am thankful to have expanded my relationship with BrandEra by coming on full-time. It’s so fulfilling to be working more closely with this team and to have expanded the scope of the work I do for BrandEra. I am extremely proud of all the work – from print to video to photography – that our team (BrandEra associates and vendor partners) have produced this year. I think it was spectacular and tons of fun making it.”

Alexis Rosebrock – Special Projects Manager
“I am thankful BrandEra welcomed me with open arms and is the place that will always be my advertising foundation. I’m excited to continue learning and grow here!
I am most proud of graduating, getting my own place, and taking adulting head on!”

Henry Adiletta – Account Manager
“Looking back on this year I have a lot to be thankful for. Most importantly, I’m thankful for my family for always supporting me in whatever path I want to take with my life. I am also thankful for BrandEra and the BrandEra team for taking me on and helping me grow from an intern to an Account Manager. What I am most proud of looking back on this year is graduating college and starting a career at such an amazing agency.”

Madeleine Huff – Copywriter
“I am thankful for my supportive family, amazing friends and my cat, Tyger. I’m also extremely grateful for BrandEra, for giving me the opportunity to work at such a highly driven agency that constantly pushes me to do better and improve myself daily. I love working in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth because it’s given me the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences. I even recently just moved here! Looking back on the year, I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing things that younger me dreamed about and it’s only the beginning! I love working with such sweet and talented colleagues and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

Marilyn Jones – Media Planner
“Professionally, I am thankful for the new experiences and challenges that BrandEra has brought my way. I have done so much in my first few months at BrandEra that has led to me to learn so much about myself. It has all been so exciting!”

“Personally, I am thankful for my family, my friends & my faith. Without either, life would be tough. ‘It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.’ -Unknown”