The Power Duo: How Logos and Taglines Improve Your Business

November 20, 2023 | By beraadmin | Filed in: blog.

If you’re trying to grow awareness of your business’ brand, establishing a distinctive identity is key. The best way to do this is with a well-designed logo and a well-concepted tagline. These elements may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but a distinct logo captures a company’s essence and personality, while a tagline functions as a short explanation of the company’s wow factor. Together, the right logo/tagline package can differentiate a business from its competitors and foster brand recognition, loyalty and a long-lasting imprint on consumers.

A perfect example of this is the work we’ve done for the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce. In the logo, the star accents and enhances the “A,” which reinforces Arlington being the “American Dream City,” and home to our beloved Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers! Moreover, the GACC star resonates with Arlington residents and businesses giving them a warm, friendly and welcoming feeling to the entertainment capital of North Texas!


Pictured: Arlington Mayor Jim Ross and Texas Rangers announcer, Chuck Morgan
Photo credit: Terry Ip Photography

The GACC tagline, “Together, We Succeed,” has played a huge role in the messaging not only for the chamber, but also for the City of Arlington and its accomplishments. As Michael Jacobsen, President and CEO of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce said, “You know, our tagline over here is ‘Together, We Succeed!’ The Rangers are part of the family, and we’re thrilled to see the family do well. We all want to be a part of it. The energy is electric.” This powerful tagline even became the theme of the recent State of the City Address by Mayor Ross, where he made everyone in the room feel a part of one big family.

Photo credit: Texas Rangers Facebook

A community that rallies together, shares common goals and supports local businesses, fosters an environment where success is not an individual achievement, but a collective celebration. In these moments of shared triumph, we must remember that there is no success if there is no community. We celebrate these wins with our hometown, Arlington, and are honored to work alongside the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce.