What’s the Personality of Your Brand?

January 16, 2023 | By beraadmin | Filed in: blog.

What is a Brand Voice?
When building a brand, it’s important to define your brand voice. By definition, “a brand voice represents the personality of a company, business, and product. In addition to the logo, colors, slogan and tagline that make up a brand story, the brand voice is what binds it all together.” The goal is to help customers identify your brand from others in a distinct way. Just like your voice is distinguishable from other people’s, your company’s brand voice should be equally unique.

Examples of Different Brand Voices
For example, an entertainment park is going to have a radically different brand voice compared to a law firm. One is more fun and energetic, while the other is professional and earnest. More examples of different brand voices:

BrandEra – Energetic and passionate
Nike – Positive and inspiring
Harley-Davidson – Strong and aggressive
Ford – Proud and exclusive
Old Spice – Absurd and weird

How to Define Your Brand Voice
Oftentimes, when clients reach out to BrandEra looking to rebrand, a brand voice is already established. This provides a foundation on which we build a new brand. If we’re helping establish a brand, it’s a process to figure out which way to go. We often ask what human attributes should be associated with the brand. Is it friendly? Scholarly? Professional? With these attributes in mind, we can define the personality. We also need to understand the target audience and who they are, what they do and how our clients can solve these customers’ problems. Together, we are able to create consistency that “speaks to them” in a way to create authentic connections.

Reach out to us and let BrandEra help you define your brand’s voice. By doing so, not only will it benefit you, but it’ll also help establish your brand and engage your target audience. We are experts in building brands. We can give you more responsive, creative and uniquely customized work when the brand voice and tone are defined. Need help with your brand? Call BrandEra today!

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